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New Launch—575F
Written by Default Admin on 12th August 2013

Signature boat builder, The Haines Group, has recently launched a range of new generation purpose-built Signature fishing boats and believes their ALL NEW Signature 575F is the ultimate fishing machine.

No-one knows Signature Boats (well, besides the Haines Family) as much as Gordon Triplett of The Haines Group. An avid angler, GT was born into a commercial fishing family and was a commercial fisherman himself. GT‘s passion and knowledge of fishing has imprinted into the very DNA of the new generation fishing boats by The Haines Family and more recently, the ALL NEW Signature 575F. Gordon has witnessed trucks being driven over Signature hulls to demonstrate their show of strength and he proudly states that, “Signature fiberglass construction is still the ultimate boat building material’. GT believes, “For the hardcore boatie, this boat will safely carve through rough bar chop without bashing you around or making your ears ring.” “When running, the hull hydrodynamics will even help correct driver error, keep you drier in the cockpit and deck, and create a very stabile fishing platform so you can walk around the deck, when the boat is at rest.”

The Signature Boats range of fishing, cruising and sport boats have provided Australian families with a quality fibreglass trailer boat that has been equally appealing to families and fishing enthusiasts. “Furthermore, because Signature boats are made in Australia they have the ability to customize so customers can own a boat that is more unique and suits their needs.

Signature Boats encourages customers to test-drive before buying any boat. Ryan Lloyd, General Manager of The Haines Group explains, “It is a very simple process, and it need not take a lot of time.” “Our Signature dealers are more than happy for customers to bring other boats along to test against the Signature boat of their choosing.”